Son: Dad, i had my first sex with my classmate:
Dad: Wow!! Ang galing mo anak!! very macho!!! inum tayo.. Let's celebrate your becoming man!!!
Son: Bukas na dad!!! Sakit ng Puwet ko eh!!!

Wanna know how hindu(india) people communicate without talking??
See the red dot on their forehead??

Infrared pare!!!


Sa math class..

Titser: Juan, kung ako ay may 5 anak sa unang asawa at 10 anak sa pangalawa samakatuwid meron akong????

Juan: Mam, libog... matinding libog!!!


Effort is only effoert when it begins to get hurt.. :(

But i remember my yaya told me once...

Effort is where you can find...

Erflanes... Waaattt!!!???

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